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Tomorrow I Will Have No Shame

...and I will start again...

6 April 1988
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I'm Andrea, 20 years old, and living in a wonderfully decorated apartment with my boyfriend (who i love more than anyone else in the world) on the south shore of Long Island.

I work for MAC Cosmetics(<3), attend Stony Brook University, and try to balance friends and fun into my life as well.

I love music and the arts, everything from drawing to eyemakeup. I've been doing makeup for theatrical shows, photo shoots, and by personal appointment for over two years, and I've loved every experience I've had thus far. I'm looking to get more involved with makeup, I'm interested in working with photographers and models for both paid and TFP/TFCD work to expand my portfolio. I'm willing to travel anywhere on LI, NYC, and some parts of Jersey. Contact me with exact location and we can discuss the details.